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Q. Can I take my child out of school to educate him/her at home?

A. Yes, the government states that every child of school age must receive an education, but this does not have to be in a school. In the current state of the pandemic, parents/carers have had no other option but to educate their children from home.

Q. Is there funding available to help me with resources/materials?

A. There's no financial funding for elective home education. Again during the Covid 19 pandemic it is the schools responsibility to provide learning materials and resources for your child.

Q. Will I need evidence to prove my child is being educated at home?

A. Not necessarily, it is a parents individual choice to keep records. However, please check with your child's school.

Q. Will I be able to work?

A. This depends strongly on your support network such as family or friends. 

So you want to home-educate?

Did You Know?

'Home Education' does not mean one single way of teaching a child, but is rather a spectrum term that includes many different methods and theories to provide an education that fits your child. Each individual child learns differently, so one size will not fill all. You may have to adapt your teaching styles to the meet your child's  needs, so that they get the best from their learning experience.

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